make release custom kernel conf not found

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jan 30 18:56:50 UTC 2012

Rick Miller <vmiller at> writes:

> Thanks Rob...
> I put the kernel conf file in the source tree as opposed to linking to
> it and it certainly did compile the custom kernel.
> What confuses me (not that I expect you to have the answer) is that
> Chapter 9 of the handbook has a tip that recommends keeping the kernel
> config in /root/kernels and symlinking to it from the source tree.  If
> it doesn't work, why is there a tip recommending this practice?

It works fine; sounds like you just don't understand what a chroot is. 

Once a process is chroot'd to /app/release/, its idea of /root/kernels
is what non-chroot'd processes see as /app/release/kernels. It can't see
*any* files that aren't under /app/release. I would tend to recommend
adding to your build script a command that copies the kernel file into
the chroot before starting the chroot, but I'm sure others have other
preferred approaches.

 - Lowell

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