When I put up any version of FBSD I usually try to install Maxima. Which fails because the sub-install of gnuplot fails.

Henry Olyer henry.olyer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 19:54:42 UTC 2012

I've been using FBSD since 2000 and a Macsyma user since 1976.

And done my own FBSD installs since 5.1, I think, maybe a few before.  For
those early years I was content to install a lisp and then do my own FTP's,
getting maxima and doing things manually.  No problems.

But the installs have never worked.  Specificially, using the sysinstall
tool, going to Packages, going to Math, and dropping down to Maxima,

And a few years ago everyone yelled at me and said I was wrong.  But I've
had this problem on at least a dozen machines, from laptop's to desktops,
to blades.

And when Gnuplot failed to install that stopped the installation of maxima.

So I did workarounds but lost graphing and other resources.

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 1:41 PM, Michael L. Squires <mikes at siralan.org>wrote:

> I just compiled maxima from ports using default settings under FreeBSD
> 8-STABLE (updated 12/24/2011) and had no problems with the compile (i.e., I
> just su'd to root, did a "cd /usr/ports/math/maxima;make").
> This was under the amd64 version of FreeBSD (hardware is a Tyan S4882 quad
> Opteron).
> I just upgraded from 7.4 to 8.2-RELEASE and then, as usually, updated to
> the "STABLE" version using "cvs".  I usually don't upgrade to a newer
> version until it becomes obviously necessary due to either features I need
> in the newer release or the ending of support for the version I'm currently
> using.
> I wonder what versions you've been trying to install, since I've rarely
> had problems installing from ports when upgrading as described above.
> Mike Squires
> mikes at siralan.org
> UN*X at home since 1986

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