USB 3.0 with FreeBSD 8.1

Henry Olyer henry.olyer at
Sat Jan 28 04:28:47 UTC 2012

When I look, I see a file /dev/da0,

but I can't do anything with it.  I've tried mount's and newfs and Fdisk,
nothing works.  Yes, their is an entry in the /dev directory, but no it
doesn't do me a lot of good.

Now, I am willing to do USB 2.0 transfers.  I'm willing to lose the 3.0
support.  I got this drive so I could back my machine up, but so far it's
doing a perfectly fine imitation of a boat anchor.

If I have to, I'll put up 9.x on another machine and simply do the
transfers across a TCP/IP wire.  A little slower but a day or so isn't

Now my questions:

a)  Am I supposed to be able to get USB 2.0 support by simply using a
conventional cable?  Because so far I'm getting nothing.

b)  Does 9.0 have USB 3.0 support.

The device I am trying to use is a WD "My Essential Drive."

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 11:02 PM, illoai at <illoai at> wrote:

> On 27 January 2012 22:55, illoai at <illoai at> wrote:
> > On 27 January 2012 20:22, Henry Olyer <henry.olyer at> wrote:
> >> What's the plan?  Anything I can do?
> >
> > I don't see any xhci(4) support in 8-STABLE,
> > but then there's this:
> >
> Here's me correcting myself:
> > ls /8-STABLE/src/sys/dev/usb/controller/ | grep xhci
> xhci.c
> xhci.h
> xhci_pci.c
> xhcireg.h
> Looks like it is also present in 8.2.
> Doesn't look like it's in 8.1, though.
> If upgrading to 8.2 isn't a possibility, the module probably
> isn't impossible to backport.
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