Dual Booting Linux with FreeBSD 9.0 - Grub in MBR

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 21:32:14 UTC 2012


am just wondering if anyone has successfully managed to boot FreeBSD 9.0 
and Linux.

I run Fedora 16 x64 with Grub installed in my MBR.

FBSD9 installed as the new disk scheme GPT..... I think (I manually 
partitioned as my disk is quite crowded).

Anyway I found this:


and at the moment I have this in my Grub config:

menuentry 'FreeBSD 9.0'  {
     set root=(ada0,1,a)
     kfreebsd /boot/loader

But unfortunately no boot :-(

I have tried using (hd0,0), (hd0,1,a), (hd0,0,a), and (hd0,a) but 
unfortunately nothing is working.

The Grub version is 2.

Can anyone help me?



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