T2000 Sparc FreeBSD8.2 installation failed

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at insightbb.com
Fri Jan 27 11:43:21 UTC 2012

> On 01/26/2012 02:05 PM, Anonymous wrote:

> > NetBSD
> > Not recommended, sorry to say

> Why?

Fritz Wuehler <fritz at spamexpire-201201.rodent.frell.theremailer.net> responded:

> Net has support for less sparc64 platforms than OpenBSD or FreeBSD and
> NetBSD reliability has gone downhill. I am sad to say it but I think Net's
> best days are behind us. I hope I have to eat my words some day. It used to
> be my favorite OS and pkgsrc is fantastic.

NetBSD supports many different platforms, maybe it's the way they count that makes it look like more than FreeBSD and Linux?

I have great problems with NetBSD on new Intel Sandy Bridge computer.

It was FreeBSD 9.0_BETA1 that caused me to suspend the struggle with NetBSD.

NetBSD-HEAD (5.99.xx to become 6.0) wouldn't even boot from hard-drive installation, would boot partway but hang.

Installation CD would boot maybe half the time.

NetBSD 5.1_STABLE would boot, but always went into immediate hard reboot when I tried to go to X.

On old computer, I have weird screenblanking problems with both NetBSD 5.1_STABLE and HEAD; 4.0.1 was somewhat better.

On new computer, apparently the only viable open-source OSes are FreeBSD and Linux.

OpenBSD seems too backward and problematic, I never installed that.


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