email hosting - How do you do it?

Peter fbsdq at
Thu Jan 26 22:51:06 UTC 2012

  I've been on qmail/vpopmail combo forever and am looking to build a new,
mail server.

First choice so far is postfix, but almost all the virtual hosting
'howtos' require an SQL database, or editing files by hand. The SQL part
seems like an overkill for ~20-50 email accounts, the editing files by
hand seems like a pain and requires me doing everything but I'd rather let
people manage their own domains.

Just curious on how everyone else does small/medium/large email hosting so
that the users have an easy option to change passwords, manage their
domains, quotas, vacation auto responders, etc. ?

I've come up with posfixadmin as the answer so far, but am open to
anything else or what do all the big guys use?

  Been on qmail since before 5.0 [afaik], trying to get off it since 7.x,
hoping 9.0 will finally be the upgrade with the all new shiny.

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