FreeBSD 9 on Lenovo X200 what works?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Thu Jan 26 01:50:28 UTC 2012


I discovered this thread:

and am wondering what will and won't work on my Lenovo X220....

I'm currently in the process in deciding between FreeBSD 9 and Fedora 
15/16. I love FreeBSD on servers but unfortunately I haven't had much 
luck with it on client side systems.

Mainly I want to use the system for running a tier 2 hypervisor - 
VirtualBox (not OSE version).

i also want to be able to use HD graphics capabilities and wireless and 
the WWAN modem that comes with the system.

Currently I have something called Salix on here which is Slackware based 
but unfortunately the hardware isn't being detected properly and that's 
my major concern regarding FreeBSD!

Can anyone provide me with any success stories or advice in what I will 
be missing if I whack FreeBSD on here??



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