FreeBSD 9 and 3G Modems

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> I am Google-ing for a recent definitive HOWTO use my 3G modem with
> FreeBSD/PC-BSD and what I get seem rather old.

Which one? You need to specifiy modem brand/model and network provider
to see if other have got that particular one working. Also check the
Linux crowd (Ubuntu in particular) and then extrapolate to FBSD.

> Someone can point me to a recent document detailing the steps. I have
> PC-BSD 9 on my laptop.

Usually it's just a question of making the kernel mount the tty and
the dial using something like wvdial. If it's popular and supported
it's pretty easy, if not is still possible.

Supporting the modem is usually a two layer problem first solving the
multi-device problem on the USB bus, that is, selecting the correct
device available (i.e. selecting the modem instead of the flash that
contains the windows software), and then the actual kernel or
userspace driver for that specific device (ZTE, Enfora, etc.).

Ultimately, you get a serial modem and you just have to use AT command
to dial, etc. and wvdial does a great job and it's quite easy to
set-up and run.

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