MySQL Localhost install - Was: Hello

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Tue Jan 24 01:28:54 UTC 2012

On 01/24/12 07:06, Crow wrote:
> I want to create MySQL localhost.
Can you provide some more information? Like which version of FreeBSD you 
are using (or other OS if you happen to be needing other support), what 
you have completed so far, other parameters that you are able to tell us 
which may have a bearing on your situation.

Generally you can install from ports:

If you haven't already installed ports (try cd /usr/ports), then as root 
run portsnap fetch extract.

If you have installed ports, then cd 
/usr/ports/databases/mysql55-server, and then make && make install && 
make clean.

Then in /etc/rc.conf you will need mysql_enable="YES" and you can look 
at the file /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql for how to set any flags you need. 
Usually you just have to set mysql_flags="<your flags here>" in rc.conf.

Hope that helps you get started, but if you need more then you'll have 
to supply more info.


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