Horrible installer

Lyubomir Grigorov lyubomir at grigorovl.eu
Mon Jan 23 21:46:49 UTC 2012

>> I first touched FreeBSD around 2005. The current insteller is much more
>> appealing and useful. All the people displaying elitist attitude toward the
>> arcaic installer which infact DID push people away from FreeBSD, I don't
>> understand you.
>so may i explain you:
> Those who cannot install things without fancy interfaces are not ever able 
> to manage that system afterwards. This is not a toy but best 
> performing unix system.
So for that matter GNU/Linux and Solaris both are "toys" because they also 
present a GUI installer alongside??
I was talking about text and gui being available, not just one or the other. 
Not everyone is using FreeBSD for rackmounts with a terminal and no monitor.

Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)
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