Horrible installer

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Jan 23 18:29:32 UTC 2012

> because, well, I LOVE FreeBSD. Basically, I've tried out NetBSD ONCE,

actually i used NetBSD BEFORE switching to FreeBSD, short time after they 
released 2.0 and following versions. Got slower, unstable and bloated.
Switched to FreeBSD, which in every version is getting BETTER not worse.

> I also don't think much, or care, about taking BSD, shutting everything
> off, and calling it the most secure thing ever. (Yes, I'm over

FreeBSD by default is secure too ;)

> favorite OSs period. I also LOVE how awesome the Core Team are; Grey


> Kirk McKusick do the forward made me happy, he's one of my personal
> heros. I also got to speak with him recently and I was almost
> speechless.... I LOVE that guy, and he's so funny! The DVD 25 years of
> Bereley Unix is something I'd recommend you ALL buy. I also loved how
> nice he was. Marshal Kirk McKusick is one of the nicest, friendliest

and made the most stable, dependable and high performance filesystem ever, 
which - after some improvements - is still used by most FreeBSD users.

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