TAB not jumping to OK in options screen

n dhert ndhertbsd at
Mon Jan 23 15:41:47 UTC 2012

Well, I wanted the output to be logged, so in fact I did
# make install clean | tee /tmp/xorg-install.txt

Now, I tried again without the | tee ... and there wasn't a problem now ...

But the  | tee   shouldn't be a problem, since in my script I run every
week for a number
of years already to do portupgrades, I have also a line
     portupgrade ...(my options)... | tee /tmp/portupgrade-mail
this regularly offers me an options screen ... and I never had a problem


2012/1/23 claudiu vasadi <claudiu.vasadi at>

> Hi,
> I've never experienced anything similar but one workaround is to edit the
> "Makefile:" and change the "Off" to "On" for the options you need, and the
> other way around for the options you don;t need.
> Still, the real problem eludes me and that;s the one that needs fixing.
> --
> Best regards,
> Claudiu Vasadi

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