Driver support for Marvell 88SE6320 SAS Controller

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Mon Jan 23 02:17:51 UTC 2012

"Warwick Davison" <wcdavison at> wrote:
> Hi There,
> I have been reading up on SAS controller support in FreeBSD and I see that
> there is no support for the Marvell 88SE6320 SAS controller as found on the
> ASUS P6T Deluxe and WS series motherboards. I have seen that there are quite
> a few people enquiring about the driver for this chipset.
> What can be done to include the drive in one of the FreeBSD releases to
> come.

There are generally four possible reasons why a driver for particular 
hardware is not present:
 1) the tehnical information to write the driver is not available from the
 2) the current driver developers do not have a sample of the hardware
    to test against.
 3) the current driver developers do not have the _time_ to do the work.
    remember, this is a volunteer effort.
 4) no one with the time, and resources,  to do it is interested in doing so.

Items 1 and 2 account for a -lot- of 'missing' device drivers.

Which of the above can _you_ help with?   <grin>

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