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On Jan 22, 2012, at 2:12 PM, Eric Masson wrote:

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> Hi,
>> Lattice C - targeted MS-DOS, AmigaOS, probably others. Had a 32-bit int
>> on the Amiga, where Manx had a 16-bit int. When Commodore ported BSD sockets
>> to the Amiga they had to change all the ints to longs because of this. Was
>> renamed "SAS/C" towards the end of the Amiga product.
> And those who did C development on Atari ST probably remember of DRI
> Alcyon C (a quick port of CPM/68K C Compiler) & Pure C (a Turbo C like
> IDE & compiler).
> Éric Masson

Sadly I do. In fact I still have a Mega St in my basement... ;-S

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