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Chad Perrin perrin at
Thu Jan 19 16:46:35 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 10:41:37AM +0000, inquiz wrote:
> Eduardo Morras <nec556 <at>> writes:
> > ... 
> > I think that a full/complete update of the old installer to add it 
> > support GEOM, ZFS, scripting and more newer features will consume 
> > more manpower and resources than create a new one from scratch, where 
> > the devs aren't chained by old code, backwards compatibility, old 
> > restrictions and old point of views. This way, is easier correct 
> > bugs, new features, simplify the installation and even automate it to 
> > this new installer than try to add them to the old one.
> > 
> > As always, i suppose that any ideas and help are welcome.
> > ...
> If devs decided that there are good technical and other reasons to retire
> the old installer, then that's fair enough.
> But then the new installer has to be at least equal in features, functionality,
> and overall quality.

. . . or provide the ability to select the old installer at boot time,
perhaps.  Let's not turn this into a false dilemma; I don't see why we
can't have our cake and eat it too for a while.

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