FreeBSD 9

inquiz inquiz at
Thu Jan 19 09:15:08 UTC 2012

Allan McKinnon <mckinnon <at>> writes:

> ... 
> I really enjoyed the old installer because then I had complete control over 
> how I tweaked my computer during and after the install.

I agree.

The new installer got rid of dependencies and is scriptable - very good !

But the new installer looks primitive now.
There were e.g. error messages that were incomprehensive, or did not return user
to the beginning of a particular step or allow to continue, instead just
interrupted the installation - a sign of untested software.
That's not good for "an introduction to OS" which every installer is to a user.

Perhaps the dev should take a look at PC-BSD installer for an inspiration.
Please make changes soon, for 9.1 release if possible.


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