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Tue Jan 17 16:20:44 UTC 2012

If you're doing a new install and you're primarily after a desktop
experience, go with PC-BSD 9.0 ( All the basics are
looked after for you, including graphics config, auto-mounting USB drives,
wireless ... It has a graphical package installer for PC-BSD "PBI" packages,
but it's standard FreeBSD-9.0 and ports under the hood. Perfect on a desktop
(could still use some polish for laptop suspend/resume).


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> A colleague and I were talking about operating systems and I said, hey
> install FreeBSD and see what Gnome looks like.
> I did an install at work but ran out of time so I brought another machine
> home but I'm having trouble.
> I burnt an ISO of 9.0 and installed it.
> I did a pkg_add ...
> # pkg_add -r gnome2
> wm.html
> I tried to enable Gnome by editing /etc/rc.conf ...
> gdm_enable="YES"
> gnome_enable="YES"
> wm.html
> Note the difference there.
> If I reboot I get a message to the console that gdm is starting but it
goes to a
> console login.
> Is there anything else I need to do?
> Best wishes.
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