help accessing mdbtools man pages in /usr/local/share/man

Dale Scott dalescott at
Mon Jan 16 20:27:32 UTC 2012

I installed mdbtools from source on github and it put its man pages in "/usr/local/share/man/man1", where the default man command doesn't find them (although "man -M /usr/local/share/man mdb-export" works).

>From "man hier", it looks like the man pages should have been put into "/usr/local/man". Is that correct? Also, the pages aren't in gz format (just "mdb-export.1"). Is there a typical workaround? (I expect this is not uncommon for an app coming from the Linux world?).

Thanks in advance,

P.S. mdbtools works well for accessing data in a MS Jet/Access MDB file. There's an old version in the ports tree, but no maintainer (perhaps one day I may have learned enough to update the port myself, but alas not yet).

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