Problem with mfi driver, 9.0-RELEASE

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Sun Jan 15 10:29:47 UTC 2012

james schreef:
> I transferred a PERC5/i controller to my NAS system, which is using a 
> Sapphire mini-ITX board with an AMD M350 CPU.
> It seems the card is detected but driver initialisation fails:
> mfi0: <Dell PERC 5/i> mem 0xd0000000-0xd000ffff,0xfea00000-0xfea1ffff 
> irq 96 at device 14.0 on pci2
> mfi0: Megaraid SAS driver Ver 3.00
> mfi0: 10970 (379716350s/0x0020/info) - Hibernate command received from 
> host
> mfi0: 10971 (boot + 0s/0x0020/info) - Firmware initialization started 
> (PCI ID 0015/1028/1f02/1028)
> mfi0: 10972 (boot + 0s/0x0020/info) - Firmware version 1.03.40-0232
> mfi0: 10973 (boot + 0s/0x0020/info) - Firmware initialization started 
> (PCI ID 0015/1028/1f02/1028)
> ...
> mfi0: 11056 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 00(e0/s0) Info: 
> enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=01, 
> sasAddr=5000c5000046b6d5,0000000000000000
> mfi0: 11057 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 01(e0/s1)
> mfi0: 11058 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 01(e0/s1) Info: 
> enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=02, 
> sasAddr=5000c5000046b8cd,0000000000000000
> mfi0: Cannot allocate interrupt
> device_attach: mfi0 attach returned 22
> This would seem to be similar to discussions in November which 
> eventually led to JHB committing change in r227580 (and perhaps earlier).
> I have downloaded the sources for 9.0-RELEASE and it looks like this 
> commit did not get back-ported to the release branch.
> I'm a bit of a noob with FreeBSD.  The instructions for tracking 
> FreeBSD-STABLE seem a bit scary.  Is that the only way that I would 
> get the necessary fixes for the mfi driver?  (Indeed, would I get 
> those on FreeBSD stable?)
> James
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If you do not want to use stable, you could try to import the diff to 
your release src yourself.
The only change then is the mfi driver, the rest is just release.

But stable is not that bad to run, i know many people that run a stable 
release, just for this kind of things.
Many people runs 8.2 Stable for the latest ZFS version.


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