Bladecenters and freebsd

Pascal S. Clermont pascal at
Fri Jan 13 14:03:13 UTC 2012


I am currently seeking a bladecenter solution that is supported by 
FreeBSD. As much as I would enjoy buying one and test it out, this 
method could come out very expensive.

we need to replace our old IBM Bladecenter by more recent equipment.
I have looked at ixsystems but they only provide a solution that 
supports ethernet/infiniband modules. I am wandering if a solution such 
as  a bridgex 
could give me the best of both worlds? but I have never played with any 
similar device.

Does anyone have any current bladecenter hardware that is running FreeBSD?
Ideally this bladecenter would possess Fibre Channel modules in order to 
speak directly with our current SAN.

Any gotchas, I should be aware of?


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