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Thu Jan 12 21:00:43 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 04, 2012 at 08:48:35PM +0000, Peter Harrison wrote:
> First impressions of xxxterm are that it's very good. The keybinding is
> quite as good as uzbl or vimperator on firefox, but it's live-able
> with, and it seems to have fewer performance or configuration
> downsides.

I've been using xxxterm basically since this email -- not exclusively,
but increasingly heavily, especially after a recent release (possibly
prompted by a question I posted to the xxxterm discussion forum) added
some more buffer commands for tab navigation.

I have actually taken to installing independently of the software
management system on one system, though I'm using the version in ports on
another (less-used) system.  It is surprisingly easy to add buffer
commands in source (and recompile) when needed, and (the rest of the
time) keybinding setup in the config file is even easier.

There are some capabilities of Firefox on which I rely for specific
purposes, including SOCKS proxy support and some stuff I get via the
extension system, that are not supported by xxxterm.  If I could get
everything else I use with Firefox in xxxterm, solving the SOCKS proxy
problem would be a relatively easy fix (via external tools), but because
I need Firefox for those other purposes as well I have not bothered.

What I am finding is that creative use of Sessions in xxxterm makes my
"workflow" with two xxxterm instances running much preferable for the
vast majority of purposes to any workflow I've been able to get working
in Firefox.  I keep one xxxterm instance just for the main_session
Session, for opening random pages, and the other instance for use with
other Sessions as needed.

All in all, I'm much happier with xxxterm than with Firefox, and only
lament the fact that there are a couple things I would like to be able to
do with xxxterm that I (so far) only get from Firefox.  I'll look into
the possibility of implementing some of them (such as functionality
similar to the HTTPS Everywhere extension, preferably compatible with the
URI list used by HTTPS Everywhere so that a separate list need not be
maintained) for xxxterm, and contributing patches to that effect, when I
find time.

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