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   I would like introduce my company Stocklot World    surplus stock situations .

   Excess stock is a problem that many   don’t embrace as a priority. Excess invento   negatively affects cash flow, ties up valuable warehousing sp   ultimately is detrimental to the company’s financial statement.

   We spe   may include   stocks, products w   ex-promotional goods, old warehous   stocks/inventory that you wish to clear.   for business people   while maximizing returns. 

   ·  Allows you to free up precious retail and w
   ·  Cut overhead and operating expenses. <
   ·  Quick decisions made.

   ·  Bank transfer funds are sent to y
   ·  Improve your cash flow, increase your worki
   ·  Cleaning out your stale stock will keep you   and current. Your customers will be able to focus on curr   merchandise, rather than last year’s residuals. It will allow you to

   If you handle these stock situations yourself and   that you can offer me at the moment, please give me a    be pleased to offer my services.


   Matt Brewer

   <   FONT-SIZE: 1   mso-fareast-theme-font: mi   mso-no-proof: yes">Stocklot World
   Buyers & Sellers of Surplus Inventory & Deal Makers

   Cornwall Road, Harrogate, HG1 2PL, North Yorks

   Mob: 07710 825666

   Email: [1]   
   Web: [2]<

   Twitter - [3]<Click He   
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