network with two gateways and one network card

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Thu Jan 12 08:32:38 UTC 2012

Jack Raats wrote:
> I have a question. Perhaps someone can point me to a solution.
> I have a server running FreeBSD 7.4-STABLE with one network card running ezjail
> My network has two gateways.
> The host is running as netmask with gateway
> The jail must be running netmask with gateway
> Is this possible?
> How to do it??
> What kind of problems to expect?
> Thanks for your time
> Jack Raats
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No you can not use those ip address to connect directly to the public 
internet. Those IP address are reserved for private lan use only.
You have to explain how you are connected to the public internet and a 
diagram of your network would go a long way to help us to understand 
your setup. Also qjail far exceeds the ability that ezjail gives you. 
Check out the qjail port.

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