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On 11/01/12 09:24, Mike Woods wrote:
> Hi guys, Been a while since i've had need to post to the list :)
> I'm trying to gather network throughput information on a box of ours 
> and I'm having a little problem, the throughput is to be measured on a 
> per-minute basis and i've been trying to use netstat for this (count 
> now - count before/timeperiod) however netstats byte counter resets 
> far too quickly to be usefull (this is a busy gb link), i've had a 
> look at vnstat but this only seems to operation on an hour or higher 
> and I need to get down to the minute, does anyone have any suggestions 
> of a tool better suited to this ?

Some NICs have sysctl variables that can be used to collect this data, 
we're using this on Intel em interfaces, don't know if this helps.

The sysctl for the em devices are:
dev.em.0.mac_stats.good_octets_recvd: 15266556928143
dev.em.0.mac_stats.good_octets_txd: 69147911137578

And in this you can count errors and other stuff too.

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