[ANN] tzdialog(8) version 1.2 released

Devin Teske devin.teske at fisglobal.com
Wed Jan 11 23:04:41 UTC 2012

Hi List,

I'd like to announce a new version of tzdialog(8) available at

This version sync's up with the HEAD version of tzsetup(8), including MFC of
r198267 r198350 r210243 r220172 r222139 and r227011 as well as a few other minor

I've also requested that this version be added to the ports-tree under
sysutils/tzdialog (PR ports/164031).


For those unaware, tzdialog(8) is essentially tzsetup(8) rewritten from C into
sh(1) -- bugs-and-all. The major advantages are:

1. Support for Xdialog(1).

2. Ease of maintenance (for example, SVNs r208830 r208831 r209190 r227934
r227947 and r228176 which were made to tzsetup(8) were not necessary to apply to
tzdialog(8), as the sh(1) code was not affected by these C-based problems).

3. Finally, tzdialog(8) can be used without modification on Linux (replacing the
need for inferior tzselect(8)), Cygwin, Darwin (if dialog(1) is available) and
other BSDs without recompilation.

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