FreeBSD9 + PHP

Damien Fleuriot ml at
Tue Jan 10 16:17:05 UTC 2012

On 1/10/12 5:01 PM, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
> Op 10-1-2012 15:30, Damien Fleuriot schreef:
>> On 1/10/12 11:11 AM, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
>>> Op 9-1-2012 21:06, Chuck Swiger schreef:
>>>> On Jan 9, 2012, at 12:02 PM, alexus wrote:
>>>>> there is no way to make it like that? so it has to be build via ports?
>>>> The PHP maintainer decides the default options, which is what the
>>>> precompiled package you got used.  While many people want PHP in the
>>>> form of an Apache module, other folks use it via fastcgi and so
>>>> forth...
>>> Yes that might be so. But it's far better to *have* this module and
>>> disable it in Apache than not have it at all and for that reason only
>>> *buiild* apache from ports in stead of using a package.
>> Yeah, no thank you.
>> What about those people that don't even *use* apache and want to install
>> PHP ?
>> We get stuck with a useless module ?
>> Really, *no thank you*
> Wow, that really IS bad.. considering the price of drivespace.. No it
> really is much better to *force* everyone who wants to run apache/PHP to
> *build* from source. No pkgadd for those guys..

It's not about disk space, it's about the philosophy behind it.

Following the same line of thinking, the CGI binary should also be
included, along with spawn-fcgi, php-fpm and so on.

A separate package would be ideal, it'd be the same as php5 but would
also include the apache module.

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