FreeBSD Kernel Internals Documentation

David Jackson djackson452 at
Mon Jan 9 20:56:41 UTC 2012

> And that's just the way it is now.  Try replicating the wealth of
> information you get in various config files in FreeBSD in a GUI.  Just
> how hard it is to open a simple text file in an editor and just fracking
> do what it tells you to in comments?!  And it's not just the base
> system, any decent third party program has this wonderfull feature.  How
> hard can it be?!  Seriously.  Sure, sometimes things can get confusing
> but that's the nature of any complex system, you can't make it go away
> with a GUI.

I absolutely agree that no one should be required to use a GUI. it should
be there for those that want to use it. But you should be able to directly
use config files if you would like, the GUI in any case would just be a
front end to config files that, you would not need to use the GUI if you do
not want to. A GUI for some users can improve useability.

> >
> > I think that we should be pragmatic about binary drivers and that it
> better
> > to accept and welcome binary drivers from hardware companies. Open source
> > drivers should of course be developed, then users can use the open source
> > drivers as they become available, but, until then, they can use the
> binary
> > driver, or use a binary driver for more rare and unusual hardware.
> >
> You are either confusing FreeBSD with OpenBSD or just plain trolling.
I would never troll.  Everything I say is my sincere view, I do not say
anything to offend people.

As for my idea for a driver compatability layer of some sort, I have looked
into doing that myself, Its not something i have asked anyone to do, that
is the reason I have been studying the freebsd kernel.

I think that, a description, some sort overview of how the kernel is put
together, where things are, such as the location of the PCI system in the
source tree and so on and how things fit together overall is something that
I was sort of looking for as far as documentation, especially. in my
comparison of source code, it seems like FreeBSD is about the same as far
as source code comment quality, and Minix has much more descriptive source
code comments.

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