creating a bootable iso for raid BIOS flash

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at
Sun Jan 8 01:15:48 UTC 2012

On Sun, 8 Jan 2012, the wise Polytropon wrote:

> Does this image boot successfully?

I don't know yet because I've used all my cd-r's :-(.
Within a few days I'm expecting some new cd-rw's and I'll let you know how 
things went.

> If you compare your ISO with the original one, file sizes
> should be the same for all files; are they? A reason could
> be that the original one contains some "metadata" that the
> creating program (which will very probably _not_ be mkisofs
> as you're using) may have stored there. Things like for
> example an application ID, copyright information, media
> name. Maybe the original program did use a different
> "mechanism" to create the ISO?
> You can easily add the file sizes inside the original
> ISO and compare them to your sources (which should be
> equal) and see where the difference comes from. I think
> it will be some file system metadata (remember that the
> ISO-9660 file system occupies "invisible" space within
> the ISO file).

I compared the original iso from Intel with the one generated by me and I 
really can't see any differences. My generated one is 9MB, and 8 MB of 
metadata seems a lot to me, or isn't it?. Don't know how Intel makes his 

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