journal on raid device

Peter Mukhachev rolling.robot at
Sat Jan 7 10:15:40 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!

I recently bought a via6421 bulk raid controller and I'm trying to get
journalling working.
I've partitioned it and set up journal with fdisk, bsdlabel and gjournal:
# fdisk -I /dev/ar0
# bsdlabel -w /dev/ar0
# gjournal load
# gjournal label /dev/ar0s1a
# newfs -O 2 -J /dev/ar0s1a.journal
# echo 'geom_journal_load="YES" ' >> /boot/loader.conf

After that I can mount a filesystem and do whatever I want. But after
reboot I have no /dev/ar0s1a.journal, only /dev/ar0s1a that I can
mount without journalling. However, on the disks that comprize the
massive, file systems with journals are visible and mountable. They
are ad8s1a.journal ad9s1a.journal.

# mount
/dev/ad8s1a.journal on /mnt (ufs, local, read-only, gjournal)

# uname -a
FreeBSD pasty.lan 8.2-STABLE-201105 FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE-201105 #0: Tue
May 17 05:46:49 UTC 2011
root at  i386

How can I enable journalling on ar0s1a?

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