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Wed Jan 4 22:10:38 UTC 2012

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> On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 09:00:12 -0700
> Chad Perrin articulated:
> > You just ignored the salient point of what Robert Bonomi said, in
> > favor of trivialities.  If you prefer, pretend he said:
> > 
> >     HE asked that they explain "why it *IS* morally correct..."
> > 
> > The point he was making is no less present and clear, and now your
> > momentary diversion is no longer part of the equation.
> In any case, he is probably back under his bridge now anyway. 

Oh my.  Ad hominems, again. The next-to-last resort of those who _know_
they have no rational argument to present.

> Both of you
> have continued to spew the same garbage while ignoring the simple fact
> that I did not attributed the statements you claim I did to you.


You did, in fact, attribute such a belief to Chad.

>                                                                  In all
> of your accumulated bullshit you have failed to show one instance where
> I did make such a claim. 

Your choice of language _expressly_ *DID* include the implication that
Chad believed what you were 'asking' him to explain.

_YOU_ cannot provide the information 'requested' by:
  "Can you please explain why the moon is made of green cheese?"
unless you -believe- the moon *IS* made of green cheese.

> Serious Chad, I could not care less what you think. I know decent
> people that I have disagreements with, I don't need a faceless one. 

Available evidence indicates otherwise -- given the extent to which you
go out of your way to antagonize and pick fights with them.

One could reasonably conclude over-compensation for a massive inferiority
complex -- trying to make yourself 'feel big' by belittling others.
> Do you honestly believe that I really care about what some faceless name
> on a monitor writes, or if it bothers or influences me? Have you ever
> heard of "narcissistic personality disorder" aka "NPD"? Get over
> yourself -- nobody is that important.

You're projecting, again, Jerry.

> Chad, I don't want you "GOING POSTAL(1)", so if it makes you feel
> better, I will feed your psychosis. Whatever you think I said, I said.
> Now have a nice cup of warm milk and relax before you hurt yourself.
> End of problem and end of discussion.

Oooh! A _textbook_ 'masked inferiority' attack.

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