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Wed Jan 4 21:27:24 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 04, 2012 at 08:48:35PM +0000, Peter Harrison wrote:
> Chad,
> xxxterm is in ports - at least I have it installed on my netbook and
> although I can't remember how it got there, I never (ever) install
> stuff that's not in ports.

Thanks for correcting that.  I did not find it last time I looked, though
I may have relied on a nonstandard ports tree search tool that sometimes
(unexpectedly) fails to update its search database.  It's good to hear
xxxterm is available in ports.

> I installed for exactly the same reasons you're looking at it - fast
> lean browser with good (vi-like) keybindings.

I'm playing with it now.  I find I need to rebind a lot of functionality
to make it feel really vi-like, and some of the bindings I would like to
use are not possible with the keybinding configuration capabilities of
xxxterm as they are currently implemented.  The maintainer has invited me
to submit a patch; whether I do so will definitely depend on how much
time I have to figure it all out.  In the meantime, I'm checking to see
how well I can get by using it as my primary browser for a while.

> Firefox runs like a dog on my atom processor, but I do still keep it
> around for some stuff although compiling to keep their release schedule
> is gradually turning me off.

I don't blame you.

> First impressions of xxxterm are that it's very good. The keybinding is
> quite as good as uzbl or vimperator on firefox, but it's live-able
> with, and it seems to have fewer performance or configuration
> downsides.

I find the keybindings of Uzbl and Pentadactyl better than those of
xxxterm so far; I stopped using Vimperator in favor of Pentadactyl a
while back, so I'm probably not qualified to comment on its current

Did you mean to say "The keybinding is *not* quite as good . . ." or did
you mean it is, as you wrote it here?

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