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Jerry jerry at
Wed Jan 4 17:35:49 UTC 2012

On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 09:00:12 -0700
Chad Perrin articulated:

> You just ignored the salient point of what Robert Bonomi said, in
> favor of trivialities.  If you prefer, pretend he said:
>     HE asked that they explain "why it *IS* morally correct..."
> The point he was making is no less present and clear, and now your
> momentary diversion is no longer part of the equation.

Robert's tirade is improvisatory and I pay no attention to it. In
any case, he is probably back under his bridge now anyway. Both of you
have continued to spew the same garbage while ignoring the simple fact
that I did not attributed the statements you claim I did to you. In all
of your accumulated bullshit you have failed to show one instance where
I did make such a claim. Your attempts to muddy up the waters fails to
prove anything other than your desperate attempt to justify your
unproven statement. Seriously, this reminds me of a lesson all lawyers
are taught: "A lawyer's primer: If you don't have the law, you argue the
facts; if you don't have the facts, you argue the law; if you have
neither the facts nor the law, then you argue the Constitution".

Serious Chad, I could not care less what you think. I know decent
people that I have disagreements with, I don't need a faceless one. Do
you honestly believe that I really care about what some faceless name
on a monitor writes, or if it bothers or influences me? Have you ever
heard of "narcissistic personality disorder" aka "NPD"? Get over
yourself -- nobody is that important.

Chad, I don't want you "GOING POSTAL(1)", so if it makes you feel
better, I will feed your psychosis. Whatever you think I said, I said.
Now have a nice cup of warm milk and relax before you hurt yourself.
End of problem and end of discussion.


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