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Wed Jan 4 13:02:06 UTC 2012

On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 07:17:47 -0500, Daniel Lewis wrote:
> Im running Free BSD 8.2 and was wondering whats a good web browser for
> version 8.2?
> Where and how would we install it? ( Im really new to unix)

You will get many different answers for this question. :-)

What are your primary requirements for a web browser?
Do you have experiences with browsers so you can say
which "kind" you want to use?

Personally, I'm a long-time user of Opera. I've installed
it from ports, but it should be no big deal to use the
precompiled package version.

Intermission: Read the handbook section about how to
install software on FreeBSD. I'd also recommend the
chapter about web browsers.

You'll find that it is very easy to follow the advice
given in the Handbook and have your web browser running
very quickly.

Back on topic:

I've also installed the Linux plugins so I can "enjoy"
(bah!) "Flash" stuff if required. Note that those
are already a bit out of date:


You can get a similar functionality with Firefox, which
is my secondary browser. I'm still using version 6.0.1,
but newer ones are already in the ports collection.

However, there's a real fleet of web browsers waiting
for you around the corner. If you're already using a
desktop environment, try their built-in browsers, like
for example Konqueror or Galeon or Epiphany. For some
minimalism, there's lynx or dillo. And there are many
more. See what /usr/ports/www has to offer.

After trying many, I've always come back to Opera, as
its mouse and keyboard support (!) is very well designed,
the browser is fast, the UI can be turned into something
usable, and it supports all the stuff I need. I don't
say that Firefox is not good, but for _my_ individual
needs and habits, Opera is just a little bit better
suited, that's all.

If you have concerns regarding web browsers spying at
your browsing habits and reporting them to the authorities,
maybe you re-consider using Opera. Keep in mind that
even if it's free, it's not really open, if I remember

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