ASP running on FreeBSD via Apache/NGINX/Lighttpd

Jonathan Vomacka juvix88 at
Wed Jan 4 07:31:13 UTC 2012

Good morning all,

I currently have a website that was written in ASP back in 1999. The 
system is currently running Windows 2003 Server with MsSQL. Before 
everyone flames me for being in the wrong place, I was wondering if 
there is a way to allow freebsd to run old ASP code? I know years ago 
this wasn't possible without a program like ChiliASP, but now I heard 
rumor that apache might have a plugin to allow it to read ASP. I am 
unsure if there is an apache solution, or other solution like 
nginx/lighttpd that runs ASP. Any information you guys could provide 
would be great. I do appreciate your help in advance

PS. I will need to convert the mssql data to mysql, is there any good 
program that will convert this? I understand that this question is 
probably inappropriate for this e-mail thread but maybe someone could 
shoot me a quick suggestion.

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