Realtek RTL8191SEvB Linux driver?

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Wed Jan 4 01:38:50 UTC 2012

On 01/04/12 10:48, Jeffrey McFadden wrote:
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>> On 01/04/12 02:10, Daniel Feenberg wrote:
>>> Don't ndis(4) ndiscvt and ndisgen(8)  essentially accomplish what the OP
>>> is requesting? See the handbook section
>>> config-network-setup.html<>
>>> or the man page for ndiscvt:
>>> While doing the conversion looks a bit beyond what we would expect of an
>>> end-user, it does seem to offer a path for using hardware whose
>>> manufacturer does not support FreeBSD. Is there anything beyond licensing
>>> issues preventing such drivers from being included in the distribution, or
>>> made downloadable in FreeBSD form?
>> Oh yes, it is possible, just not probable :)
>> I had considered that aan answer, but the device is wifi and the firmware
> Excuse my ignorance (again) but what does this mean?  "...the Firmware..."
> For now I have reverted this machine to Ubuntu; it's just a machine I set
> up for my wife to browse the net so she can keep her 30,000 pictures on a
> Windows box virus-free and it's too much hassle to have the belkin thingy
> sticking out the side trying to get knocked off.  (Just as an aside I don't
> know why there seems to be so much resentment for Ubuntu here, it looks
> free and open to me, but what do I know?)
A lot of hardware runs its own software (called firmware) on it which 
these days is uploaded when the OS loads the driver. This way updates to 
the firmware are made easily because its on the disk and not embedded in 
the hardware (think BIOS updates).

Ubuntus fine. Its a stepping stone to understand how *nix runs. The 
current change in policy direction can raise a few eyebrows here though, 
but no one holds a grudge against it here. You'll have to ignore Jerry's 
rants though and the ensuing dialogue- its just the fly in the ointment 
> Anyway, back to the point, I mostly started using PC-BSD because it's more
> secure than Windows, and because even at my age (retired) I can continue to
> learn something just for the fun of it, and because... well, it's difficult
> to express.  I've messed with Linux on and off since Debian 1.2, then had
> to focus hard on Windows so I could get good enough at it to make a living
> as a Windows desktop tech in a nationwide health care company... now I find
> myself attracted to PC-BSD, which has the same stated intent, btw, as
> Ubuntu, to make a desktop that "ordinary users" (which just about defines
> me) can use.
Admirable, and you'll get a lot of support here- a lot have had the same 
experience and may be in the same boat. If you have the time and want to 
give back you'll learn a lot more as well.
> Excuse the blather.  The point:  Does anyone think it might be worth the
> effort to try to run ndisgen on the Windows drivers?
By all means. Follow the instructions in the handbook and have a go, 
your experience may differ than my own. There are a factors against you, 
such as its not on that less than exhaustive list supplied (although 
mine was, and yet...), and the firmware loading. If you get stuck with 
it, then please ask for help and someone may have an answer. If nothing 
else you'll gain experience :)

Laptops are almost never completely supported so don't stress, I've had 
my own issues over the years - they always seem to be one step behind. 
But that distance is shrinking rapidly: thanks guys! :) Part of the fun 
is trying to get it to work on yet a different model of laptop...

But if it fails and you have to fall back to Ubuntu thats ok, you won't 
be ostracised; you may even be able to get some answers for your Ubuntu 
problems here (it can happen...). Just keep watching the list and you'll 
gain some more knowledge and experience, throw in a few well placed 
questions here and there helps too.

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