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Jerry jerry at
Tue Jan 3 22:39:47 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2 Jan 2012 12:33:20 -0700
Chad Perrin articulated:

> > Now you have really peaked my interest. On any given day, on a
> > Windows based forum, the terms: "FreePiss", open-sore", "Lsuck"
> > etcetera are freely thrown around. On Linux based forums, terms
> > like: "Winblows", "Microsucks", etcetera are freely used. Would you
> > please be so kind as to explain to me why it is morally correct to
> > use one set of terms but not the other? It is either right or it is
> > wrong. You cannot be slightly pregnant. I personally find such
> > terms morally repugnant; however, since they are commonly used on
> > this forum it appears that they are socially acceptable. Would you
> > not concur or are you going to try and bullshit your way out of
> > this one?  
> 1. I didn't say it was "morally correct" to use one set of derogatory
> forms and "morally incorrect" to use the other.  You are attributing
> arguments to me I never made.

I just spent a half hour rereading every post on this thread to see if
I had inadvertently stated that you had stated in any way that it was
"morally correct". Guess what, there aren't any such statements.
Neither did I make a claim that you supported such actions. I never
attributed any such remarks to you. I simple asked for you to explain
why it would be morally correct to do so. Your reading comprehensive
skills are seriously lacking. The fact that you would spend time to
defend yourself against a non-existent claim totally amazes me.
Seriously, have you ever been diagnosed with paranoia?

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