Realtek RTL8191SEvB Linux driver?

Peter Harrison four.harrisons at
Tue Jan 3 17:48:27 UTC 2012

   Sorry for top posting. Take offense if you like.
   The o   on-list is to    to run a system like   running Windows.
   I find F   accept that I    consider it a price wort   Would I like better hardware support? Of course! But if th   that is a fundamental change to the OS interface, then I think t   price is too high.
   It strikes me that Ubuntu are running very fas   Windows. They'll have good device support and a strong   sure that will fit a lot of users needs, but /not mine/.
   People who wa   the freedom and "con   FreeBSD and accept the payoff.    happy in the knowledge that we have chose
   Pe     _________________________________________________________________

   On 3 Jan 201   On Tue, 03   Da Rock articulated:
   > On 01   > > I have a Toshiba Sate   > > RTL8191SEvB wireless   this
   > > card and ca   > >
   > > Would it be po   > > someplace and    to
   > > work? I'm   > > thing    > >
   > Unfortunately the API   does a 
   > lot of work on   todo
   > list or no   
   This is what drives me to pull my   times
   that all the *nix/*BSD consort   competitive in the market is to devis   same
   on FreeBSD as on Ubuntu and every   The
   concept is so simple that it ama   implemented
   eons ago.
   The problem   behave
   live lit   have
   to insi   They
   swing b   have
   an ea   and
   enjoy   the
   non-   of
   I have spoken with representatives of compa   being
   Brother International, who plain out stated    support
   Microsoft (naturally - they offer the easiest    system for driver installation) and a vanilla Lin   They
   openly stated that there is no way that they would    to
   write software for a market as fractured as the *nix/   and
   then be straddled with the problem of supporting s   Hell,
   every time someone in the BSD community dotted an   kernel
   source code the poor driver authors would have to    device
   code. Certainly a task I would not want to be as   
   Ubuntu is years ahead of FreeBSD in creating a useful    functional desktop, I read where they were working on makin   possible to use a driver disk intended for Microsoft's Windows O   usable in Ubuntu. They were working on a method of simply extractin   g
   the code needed directly from a CD and using it directly on Ubuntu.   Now
   that is what I call true "forward" thinking.
   The au   group
   of    The
   b   another
   pas   seem
   log   the
   st   Ubuntu
   s   to
   d   the
   *B   accept
   I have, mistakenly I admit, stated that there are n   lots
   of devices currently available on the market, espe   end
   ones. That statement is essentially incorrect.    for
   these devices, and other OSs are taking advanta   FreeBSD,
   in its unending war against simplicity and conti   on reinventing the wheel, refuses to avail itself of    
   You can lead a horse to water; however, you cannot stop    running
   head long into the desert and dying of thirst. Stupid   own
   It took the Catholic church u   Galilei
   was correct and the earth doe   hope.
   Perhaps someday FreeBSD wi   
   Jerry ♔
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