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Mon Jan 2 23:28:46 UTC 2012

On 01/03/12 08:10, Mario Lobo wrote:
> On Monday 02 January 2012 18:42:44 Nikola Pavlović wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 03:32:17PM -0500, David Jackson wrote:
> [troll snipper]
>>> ..... perhaps could be a porting of the IOKit
>>> driver system from Darwin, perhaps even allowing Darwin drivers to be
>>> used on FreeBSD. All of this can go into a kernel module so that if all
>>> one uses is native FreeBSD drivers made for FreeBSDs normal driver API,
>>> they won't need to load this subsystem.
>> You see, you could have just proposed this in the first place instead of
>> provoking a flame fest, ranting about, mostly imagined, lack of
>> documentation, GUI configuration tools and giving condescending lectures
>> on programmer productivity.  Oh well...
> Right on, Nikola !
> But David's paragraph I left in is a "real dream" for me. It is basicaly
> what's keeping me from using FBSD as my audio workstation.
> I have an Echo Gina3D card there is simply no FBSD driver for it. But there
> are Mac drivers from Echo!.
> I even too a shot at downloading the framework/API from Echo (windows :( )
> but it is just way above me.
> A colegue from Japan had written a driver for an old Echo Gina 20 bit which I
> managed to compile and load (believe it or not) but it was for FBSD 5. I tried
> to compile it on my FBSD 8 STABLE but it issues too much errors that (again)
> is beyond my capacity.
> But I'm a stubborn one, so I'll try to keep learning from my mistakes. Maybe
> one day a new driver for FBSD will be born.
Completely off thread now... but I've had success using FBSD as an audio 
workstation for a recording job.

Used Audacity, Rosegarden, hydrogen and Jack with a Yamaha usb 
soundboard. Midi was an issue though, and I used a linux workstation 
with Jack using net backend. That was over a year ago, and now I believe 
there is a jack midi interface for FBSD.

Works well, but your hardware sounds like it does differ greatly, sorry.

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