mailing list and personal assaults

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Subject: mailing list and personal assaults

I as a normal sys admin like to read the mailing lists, because it learned me a lot, and it still does.

But lately it looks like more and more people get personal!
The word ass, has passed this year even more  then i used my own.

Maybe it is the time we live in, but please !
If you are not agree with someone's statement or thoughts, ignore it or write your thoughts and be done with it.


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I agree. A mailing list like this should not fall to the lowest common denominator. And I would like to add that while this community seems to be an exception, far too often someone wastes bandwidth and bytes by telling the person with a question to RTFM. I just finished a rather complicated project which took me days to resolve and several times when I asked questions there was always some wise crack at hand who would make the commen that "if you just RTFM" everything would be fine. In this case the manuals were lacking and most of the data was obselete or irrelavent to the project I was conducting....kind of like FreeBSD documentation.

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