freebsd server limits question

Muhammet S. AYDIN whalberg at
Mon Jan 2 19:36:01 UTC 2012

Hello everyone.

My first post here and I'd like to thank everyone who's involved within the
FreeBSD project. We are using FreeBSD on our web servers and we are very
happy with it.

We have an online messaging application that is using mongodb. Our members
send messages to "the voice" show's (turkish version) contestants. Our two
mongodb instances ended up in two centos6 servers. We have failed. So hard.
There were announcements and calls made live on tv. We had +30K/sec
visitors to the app.

When I looked at the mongodb errors, I had thousands of these: You may be wondering why
I'm telling you about centos. Well, we are making the switch from centos to
freebsd FreeBSD. I would like to know what are our limits? How we can set
it up so our FreeBSD servers can handle min 20K connections (mongodb's
connection limit)?

Our two servers have 24 core CPUs and 32 GBs of RAM. We are also very open
to suggestions. Please help me out here so we don't fail deadly, again.

ps. this question was asked in the forums as well however as someone
suggested in the forums, i am posting it here too.

Muhammet S. AYDIN

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