Waitman Gobble gobble.wa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 19:06:41 UTC 2012

Now after refreshing my memory (it happened one year ago) I

> could remember that I did register the nameservers.  I found the
> option in my registar to add to some domain i.e. mydomain.com
> the entries ns1.mydomain.com, etc.  I think that the problem I
> had was related with the IPs.  The VPS provider gave me just
> two, and AFAIK each name server needs its own dedicated IP.  Now
> I can remember that I asked to their support team and they
> answered me that the nameservers could perfectly share the IP
> with the domains.  Could be that the reason I don't get the
> thing working?
>        Walter

You /can/ have a nameserver with same IP as www. And you /can/ multihome
your NIC with multiple IP on same machine,

www.example.com and (if you want, optional
extra address for www)


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