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Mon Jan 2 13:31:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, 1 Jan 2012 23:55:26 -0700
Chad Perrin articulated:

> On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 09:14:20AM -0500, Jerry wrote:
> > On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 22:56:45 +1000 Da Rock articulated:
> > >
> > > If you want to verify, then by all means parouse this list and
> > > others (even in the linux community) over the past _five_ (thats
> > > 5) years.
> > 
> > I am not sure what "parouse" means. There are a Shane, Dawn and
> > Nicole Parouse. Are you referring to them? Perhaps you meant
> > "peruse".
> I think you had no doubt at all that "Da Rock" meant "peruse" here,
> and you should check whether the walls of your house are made of
> durable material before you start throwing stones.  Check, for
> instance, you habitual inability to properly use apostrophes to
> indicate the possessive form of a word, or your error in using the
> plural form "phenomena" where the singular "phenomenon" is
> appropriate.  These observations of your relative illiteracy come
> from a single paragraph, by the way, but until I saw your "play dumb
> to call someone dumb" approach to discussion, I felt it appropriate
> to point out your own failings along the same lines -- not because
> these specific failings invalidate anything else you say, but because
> you're kind of a mean-spirited little hypocrite.

I specifically asked "Da Rock" in regards to "parouse" since I am not
familiar with what country he is from or what he considers his native
language. It is very possible that the word he used is native to his
region and therefore I wanted to inquire further.

Furthermore, before you make a complete ass of yourself, please check
out this URL: <>

> In short, trying to paint people who disagree with you in the colors
> of stupidity for a single spelling error when your errors are fairly
> numerous is not a winning strategy.

Win what, I was not aware it was a game. Maybe that is the problem; you
are too busy playing games rather than actually completing bona fide

> > I tend not to include Ubuntu since they have made huge strides in
> > making hardware work correctly under their environment. Seems
> > strange that they can achieve what FreeBSD considers either
> > unobtainable or unnecessary (sour grapes).
> > 
> > {OK, let the "blame game" begin --  after all, it is ALWAYS someone
> > elses fault}
> That must be why you blame everything you perceive as a problem in
> regards to open source software on "sour grapes".
> > > I'm sorry but I'm really pissed off tonight and you're attitude is
> > > really rubbing me the wrong way. If you want to be best mates with
> > > Gates and his horde then by all means... but this is a genuine
> > > discussion in an attempt to resolve _these_ issues, and clarify
> > > points as to why things are a certain way. If you don't agree,
> > > then be silent and ignore what you perceive to be crap, or at the
> > > very least _try_ not to be so aggressive and offensive. A lot of
> > > us on this list do this as common courtesy.
> > 
> > Ah, there we are. That good old socialist/fascist call to arms,
> > "You're either with us, or against us."
> I think the statement was more like "Someone who calls it 'open sore'
> is clearly a mean-spirited jackass who likes making trouble," rather
> than "Down with the bourgeoisie!"  I just figured I'd help clarify.

Now you have really peaked my interest. On any given day, on a Windows
based forum, the terms: "FreePiss", open-sore", "Lsuck" etcetera are
freely thrown around. On Linux based forums, terms like: "Winblows",
"Microsucks", etcetera are freely used. Would you please be so kind as
to explain to me why it is morally correct to use one set of terms but
not the other? It is either right or it is wrong. You cannot be
slightly pregnant. I personally find such terms morally repugnant;
however, since they are commonly used on this forum it appears that they
are socially acceptable. Would you not concur or are you going to try
and bullshit your way out of this one?

> > You so clearly define what is the basic problem with FreeBSD in
> > general. The "sour grapes" attitude is so clearly self evident. You
> > would rather spend your time defending something that doesn't work
> > as fully functional as it could be if the developers stopped patting
> > themselves on the back for accomplishing what other OSs had already
> > done 3 or more years earlier and rather attempted to bring the OS on
> > par with those competing OSs.
> What do you define with your "hanging around sniping at people and
> sabotaging discussions" attitude?  In the years I have been on this
> list, it seems like you have demonstrated a rabid hatred of all
> things related to FreeBSD and most things related to open source
> software in general, which makes me wonder why you hang around this
> mailing list.

I have a morbid hatred of those who suffer from decidophobia. However,
after restudying the matter, I think it more likely that the real
problem is an irrational fear of success. If only Microsoft was able to
accomplish things like easily getting a printer fully functional under
its environment, making sound or video or wireless cards work without
in all too many cases resorting to draconian measures, and the list
goes on, I would agree with you. However, we (and by we I am assuming
that you haven't got your head buried so far up your ass that you are
not aware of what is transpiring on other Operating Systems) are both
aware that, that is not the case. Linux in general and Ubuntu in
particular have made huge strides in making computers easier to use and
opening up the path for better, easier and more advanced software to be

There is a commonly held truism, "If you are not the lead dog of the
pack, the view never changes." Now if you are happy playing "follow the
leader" and watch their balls dangle in your face, then fine.
Personally, I want to be in the lead. As soon as anyone steps up and
remarks about FreeBSD's standing in the desktop market, they are
immediately met with the "Blame the {fill in the blank}" choir. I am
now officially renaming that the "Sour Grapes Posse".

Jerry ♔

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