nss_ldap and the linuxulator

Da Rock freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Mon Jan 2 12:03:20 UTC 2012

I've just run into this snag again which I've resolved back in 7.x/8.1: 
the linuxulator cannot handle nss lookups from ldap. I ran a search for 
nss_ldap fedora 10 and simply extracted from the rpm the 
libnss_ldap*.so* in the usr/lib into the corresponding directory under 

One then only has to copy or setup the ldap.conf in /compat/linux/etc/ 
and change /compat/linux/etc/nsswitch.conf so the it will check files 
and ldap as in the base.

It works a charm when you have issues like the missus with acroread and 
others not working inexplicably. Run acroread from the command line will 
give you the clue: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id. This 
solution does fix this categorically.

I hope this helps others, but I do have one question: why isn't this 
included in the ports already?

I still haven't yet figured out cups and printer selection yet, but I 
have made some progress... :)


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