Kevin Zheng kevinz5000 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 05:30:03 UTC 2012


I've been using FreeBSD as a local nameserver (with my own .local
domains!) for quite some time. FreeBSD comes with a name server already
installed; you don't need to get it from the ports, although I'm not
sure what difference it makes. The one that comes with FreeBSD can be
enabled with named_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf. The configuration files
are in /etc/namedb/.

Getting a book about BIND really helps learning it. The examples are
especially useful. BIND can be a little daunting to learn, but it all
clicks in the end.

If you want to use BIND for mass hosting, you can consider hooking BIND
up to MySQL or a similar database. I haven't personally tried it, so I
cannot vouch for it to work. It may be what you're looking for, though.
You can have a look at this link: http://mysql-bind.sourceforge.net/.

Hopefully, this helps.

Kevin Zheng

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