Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Jan 2 02:59:12 UTC 2012

Walter Alejandro Iglesias writes:

>  Perhaps you find stupid my question, but believe me, I am
>  lost :-).

	Where you are now, so once were most of us.  :-)

>  Sure, like you say, it is possible "running" BIND and Apache.
>  But, is it possible|convenient that the name server "reside" in
>  the same machine that host (with apache) the domain names served
>  by it?  

	Possible: I'm doing it.
	Convenient?  Depends on what you consider "convenient"
	The machine in question only serves a few zones, and only
changes its IP occesionally.
	When it does, I have a script which will change the config file
for sshd, and another which changes most (but not all) settings for
bind.  Elapsed time (assuming I remember all the bits): 5 minutes,
plus a re-boot and checking the numbers.

				Robert Huff

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