Thinkpad w500 microphone with Conexant CX20561 (Hermosa)

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Mon Jan 2 00:38:00 UTC 2012

On 01/01/2012 16:45, Lyubomir Grigorov wrote:
> Yes, it does sound like it, as there is no native Skype for FreeBSD, so you 
> are using the linux layer. If you are missing OSS from devices, then it is not 
> installed. Once you install the port, configure it use OSS. For all 3 dropdowns 
> under the "Devices" settings.
>> I'm not seeing the above in the ports tree.  :/
> The port is here:
> $ pwd
> /usr/ports/audio/linux-f10-alsa-plugins-oss

Definitely not in my ports tree.  I'm running amd64, and my ports tree
is old.  Either could be the culprit?  I'll update and see what I get.
> --
> Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)
> Cheers.

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