Walter Alejandro Iglesias roquesor at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 23:45:15 UTC 2012

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 05:54:59PM -0500, Robert Huff wrote:
> Walter Alejandro Iglesias writes:
> >  Time ago I made the attempt to setup my own DNS in the same
> >  machine I had my web server running.  DNS was the only thing I
> >  was not able to automatically update in the system with my
> >  scripts each time a new customer purchased a service.  It would
> >  be wonderful for me if you or anyone here at least confirm me if
> >  it is really possible. 
> 	What is possible - updating using scripts, or running BIND on
> the same machine as a web server (presumably Apache)?
> 	While I'm sure someone has written them, I don't know of any
> scripts that will "update" (whatever that means) BIND configuration
> files that are included either as part of the base system or as
> ports.
> 	However, running BIND and Apache is certainly possible - the
> machine I'm typing this on does exactly that.
> 				Robert Huff

I wrote a bunch of sh scripts to update sendmail, apache, add
system users, etc.  Those scripts were executed by cron.  I
wrote a simple php client panel too.  So, the sh scripts read
the data from mysql (I wrote those scripts originally in
Slackware and more late I left unfinished its migration to
freebsd) and updated the system.

For updating BIND I meant that the scripts (using sed) add
zones in the zone files and restart bind, in the same way they
add new virtual server entries in httpd.conf and restart apache.

Sure, like you say, it is possible "running" BIND and Apache.
But, is it possible|convenient that the name server "reside" in
the same machine that host (with apache) the domain names served
by it?  Perhaps you find stupid my question, but believe me, I
am lost :-).

Or to simplify the question, what is needed to run a DNS?
What I know:

Edit the zone files.
Run bind.
Register the names ns1.mysite.com, ns2..., (some trick here?)
Obviously adding them to the registrar of the domains served.


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