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On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 09:03:38 +1000
Da Rock articulated:

> Mac doesn't support all hardware from what I understand, and the only 
> system with 100% hardware support is Winblows. Given the design 
> philosophy of Winblows, how well written do you think the hardware 
> drivers are coded? For that matter, how well do you think the
> hardware is made? From my meanderings on this list and others a lot
> of hardware needs software compensation for it to work as well as it
> does on FreeBSD and even linux.

I am sure that you will be happy to supply verifiable documentation to
support your claims.

As for the the quality of the "hardware", that would be solely dependent
on the devices manufacturer. The drivers are obviously coded in a
fashion that allows the device to operate in its environment. Any
further discussion is impossible without defining some specific

The basic problem is that open-sore users are by and large suffering
from a "sour grapes" philosophy. It is a common "school yard"
phenomena; however, it is usually outgrown at some time in an
individuals lifetime. However, unfortunately, that is not written in
concrete either.

"Tempora mutantur", however with the exception of Ubuntu the rest of
the open-sore community, to various degrees, continue to stagnate.

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