Newbie question about freebsd-update: single user mode is not needed anymore?

Jose Garcia Juanino jjuanino at
Mon Dec 31 15:50:29 UTC 2012

El lunes 31 de diciembre a las 16:27:44 CET, ASV escribió:
> Hi Jose,
> with the freebsd-update method you don't need to pass through the "make
> installworld" as it's a binary patch/upgrade system.
> Using "freebsd-update upgrade -r 9.1-RELEASE" for example allows you to
> get your system patched directly without recompiling the kernel and the
> userland but getting binary patches from the repo and applying these
> directly on your system.
> Check the following page for a more detailed explanation and be aware
> that upgrading your ports/packages is required every time you upgrade
> your kernel to a major version (which would be your case).
> Happy new year.

Thanks for your response.

The freebsd-update upgrade method is:
1- freebsd-update install # will install a new kernel and modules
2- reboot in multi user
3- freebsd-update install # will install new userland
4- reboot in multi user

The src upgrade method is:
1- make installkernel # will install a new kernel
2- reboot in single user
3- make installworld  # will install a new userland
4- reboot in multiuser

I think that the third step is essentially the same in both methods: it
will install a new userland. But the second one require to be ran in
single user, and the first one does not. Why?

My unique concern is that step 2 in "freebsd-update" method goes
smootly: it will boot kernel in 9.1-RELEASE but userland in 9.0-RELEASE.
If the system hangs giving up the net or other essential service, I will
not be able to reach the computer via ssh.

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