static ip address and ifconfig

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Sat Dec 29 23:10:00 UTC 2012

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at> writes:
>> For anyone being a professional company who wants permanent presents
>> on the internet will pay extra fees for static ip
>> address because static ip address never change and this is required for
>> domain name registration. Dynamic ip address are normally assigned by the
>> ISP for home users having dsl or tv cable internet connections. Dynamic
>> ip address can change and if used for domain name registration the users
>> FQDN will no longer point to the correct host.
> In the interests of figuring out the right kind of answer here:
> Do you understand the different types of DNS records?

Yes I have basic DNS processing understanding.
But lets not get side tracked by something the question is not asking 
about. Please Focus on the part of the post you cut out which is asking 
about static ip addressees.

Thank you anyway

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